Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas Cinnamon Stick Car Air Freshener/Ornament

The Holiday's are here and I have to wouldn't be complete without the inspirational and fun "Craft Lightning" series hosted every year by Angie at Country Chic Cottage and Carolina at 30 minute Crafts!

For those few of you who may not have heard of it...Craft Lighting is a round-up of Crafts that take 15 minutes or less to make (minus drying time).

This year, for the Holiday edition Aunt Peaches joins in as a co-host with Angie and Carolina!

It gets a little tougher every year to come up with something "new" to make that hasn't been seen before...and I'm sure my project is not really new, but I have a hankering for recycle/upcycle projects using stuff I have collected (hoarded) over the years!

So I decided to make this scented Car Freshener Ornament:

I was trying to think of something different than just an everyday ornament and for some reason my car popped into my head as it's fairly new... yet has lost that "new car smell" that we all cherish so much!

So I thought how cool would that be to make a cute air freshener that could double as a Christmas Ornament!

There are other little touches you could add to this ornament to make it even better, but as I was trying to keep it at the 15 minute time frame, I didn't get too lavish!

One thing I thought of...was maybe adding a little pocket/pouch to the back of the ornament containing pot pourri or sachet scents as they are a bit stronger than just the cinnamon sticks alone.

You can also boil the cinnamon sticks to bring out more of the scent if they are older and have been sitting around awhile (like mine had been!).

When the sticks lose their scent, you can either add the sachet or a spray to it, or just use it as a pretty Christmas Ornament for your Holiday Tree!

Here is a video showing the steps taken on this project:

Here are the tools and supplies I used to make this project:

Supplies/Tools Used:

Mason Jar Lid (inside piece only)
Cinnamon Sticks, Holiday Time (Marketed By Walmart)
Small Beads, Wooden, 3 ea. (from excess stash on hand, brand unknown)
Drill, Black & Decker
Drill Bit, 1/8"
Hammer, Small, Ball Peen
Small Nail (for punching pilot hole for drilling)
Long Needle, (w/large eye for threading ribbon)
Toothpick (for applying glue to knots)
Fabric Scrap (Mfr.Unknown, from Stash on-hand)
Felt, Red, Sparkle, Hobby Lobby
Embellishment, Holly Leaves, Plastic
Gold Cord
Ribbon, Dk. Red, Offray, 1/8"
Gold Leaf Pen, Krylon
Dress Marking Pencil, Lt. Blue
Sharpie Marker
Aleene's Tacky Glue
E6000 Glue
Mod Podge

Hope you enjoyed my post and be sure to visit Angie, Carolina and Aunt Peaches for more awesome Holiday Projects you can make in 15 minutes or less!
(Just click on the graphic below!)

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Great idea Lisa! Thanks for joining!

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Such a fun project! Love it!

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What a cute idea. I love the cinnamon scent - especially at the holidays.

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