Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cinderella Princess Dress for American Girl Doll

Well, It's been a long while since I have posted...about 9 months in fact! 
That's just crazy, but I've had a lot going on with my health and just getting priorities straight in my life!

It's good to be back though, and I hope I will be better about posting on a regular basis now.

I've gotten so behind that a lot of the projects I will be posting will be several months to a year old, but I'm hoping they will still be of interest to my readers/followers.

I love to sew and as my regular readers know I've been sewing a lot of doll dresses lately specifically American girl doll dresses! 

Here is one I made for my precious Grandgirl "B", a Cinderella Dress from Simplicity 5705 view C.

I have three granddaughters and two nieces who love dolls so I stay pretty busy cranking out those outfits! 

I suppose I would consider my sewing skills to be somewhere between beginner and intermediate. 
Even though I've been  sewing since I was a child I've had large gaps of years where I didn't sew at all. 

And for that reason I sometimes struggle with the more difficult patterns and working with fussy types of fabrics. 

I can't tell you how many times I cussed while trying to sew these princess outfits with these sheer fabrics such as tulle, satin and crêpe! 

I look back on it now though and am grateful for the experience!

 If I can get good at sewing these little tiny doll clothes with such difficult fabrics hopefully I will be able to do an even better job on regular size clothing!

When I first bought this awesome pattern, the Grandgirls and nieces were immediately smitten with all the pretty styles and each one picked out their favorite for me to make for them!

          I started with the Mermaid dress, which I made and blogged about here

Then I made the Belle dress for my Grandgirl "J" and thought I was going to end my stint making tiny princess doll dresses!

Fortunately, after a bit of time passed...I was ready to give it another try and make the Cinderella dress for Grandgirl "B"!

She had been so patient waiting for it...and I didn't want to let her down.

I was surprised to find that this one went much smoother than the first two!

It makes sense I suppose...after struggling with the first two and a lot of trial and error on those dresses, I was finally starting to understand all of the pattern instructions and how to work with the difficult fabrics. 

I had a little bit of trouble making the "pouf" sections around the waist of the dress, but a call to Simplicity and a google search or two helped me figure it out!

I usually post a photo showing what tools and supplies I used for a project, 
but somehow when I completed this project, I forgot to take a photo of the supplies and tools, so since it has been awhile...I won't try to gather all of those things up for a photo, but I will put this list here for reference:

Tools/Supplies Used for this Project:

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Fabric - Cotton/Broadcloth/Poplin? (Not sure exactly as this was a scrap piece) - Used to make the lining/interfacing of the bodice.
Sewing Machine - Janome New Home 49360
Ribbon, White Satin, w/Silver Accents, 5/8", Christmas House Brand (For Trim on Bottom of Skirt/Dress)

My sweet Granddaughter "B" was so happy, and that's what matters most to me!

Hope you enjoyed my post!
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