Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tinkerbell Silvermist Costume

I'm excited to share with you today my latest sewing project, finally completed!

A Tinkerbell Silvermist costume for my granddaughter J!

I used Simplicity Pattern #2872/0805 Size A and made the size 5 for my precious Granddaughter who is 5 years old and VERY tiny!

The dress ended up being a little bit big on her, as she lives far away from me and I could not put it on her to adjust it.

I had her measurements, but I am still a relatively new seamstress and am not very good at alterations and fitting yet.

For those of you who follow my blog, you already know that I have made a Tinkerbell costume before.

The first one I made was the Rosetta costume, which I made for my granddaughter “B”.

I struggled with that project quite a bit as it was the first time I had made that type of costume.

If you would like to see how that project turned out, click here.

I had better luck this time sewing this costume, since I had some experience.

Also, this dress was a little easier because it did not have all the petals.

I also learned that I sewed the waistline elastic wrong in the first costume!

Fortunately, it didn't make a big difference since the waistline is covered with a belt.

I called simplicity to find out exactly how to sew the casing and elastic in the waist, as I knew that it didn't seem right last time.

They returned my call promptly and were very helpful in explaining it to me!

I made a video of how I thought it was supposed to be and I showed them how I did it on the last costume I made also, so they could see where I was confused.

After they explained it to me, I made another video demonstrating the correct way to sew in the casing and elastic.

Here is that video:

So, if you are making one of these outfits for the first time and are confused as I was… you can watch this video and also go to my YouTube channel and see the other videos to help clarify.

Even with all the struggles, I am pretty pleased with how both costumes came out.

I was very happy that I could get the Silvermist costume done in time for J to wear it for Halloween!

My DIL took her to the Park and did a photo shoot with her so that I could make this post about the project. (Thank you “C”! Love You!)

I had been promising her for a while that I would get the costume done and I had to explain to her that Gramma is a very slow sewer.

She has been so patient, I am so proud of her!

She Skyped with me when she got the dress, and she was so happy and excited!

She tried the dress on and modeled it for me:

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Abbie @ lovinourchaos said...

This dress turned out adorable! What a lucky little granddaughter to have such a talented seamstress Grandma!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Another amazing Tinkerbell costume!!! It's hard to sew when you can't try the clothing on during the process. You've done a great job!!!

Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

The costume is adorable and your little tinkerbell is darling. :)

Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
<3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

Jerry and Kay said...

First, your Tinkerbell dress is so pretty and looks so sweet on your granddaughter. Also, thank you for your sweet comment on the Cinderella Dress i sewed for my granddaughter. I also get nervous with "fancy" fabric. I did join your blog....we are both stay at home grandmothers!