Thursday, May 31, 2012

My New Fancy Canon Camera!

Well...I'm pretty darn excited right about now!

Received my new Canon Rebel T3 DSLR Camera a couple of weeks ago and have been playing around with it!

It is just AWESOME!!

Here is a video I made of when I received it...just had to share it with everyone, because as a SAHG, I get lonely on the days my Grandgirls aren't I have to talk to someone while DH is at work! LOL!

One of the reasons I wanted to get this camera is so that I could take better photos for my blog.

I've always LOVED taking pictures and got my first good camera when I was only 18 years old.

It was a Canon AE-1 and I just recently passed it on to my daughter B, who is a real photographer, not just a "pretend" one like myself! :)

I played around with that camera for years and got lucky and got some decent shots with it, but never really learned the ins and outs of real photography.

I am so very proud of my Daughter B though...she had the same dream and unlike me...was brave enough to pursue that dream and get a degree!

Last month she graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and it was a big day for us!

If you get a chance, check out her blog:

I look forward to learning new things from her and getting to use my new Canon Camera not only here for my blog photos, but for some awesome Grand-Baby Shots!

Thanks for stopping By!
Take Care!

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Erin Spain said...

Just got a Canon Rebel too and absolutely love it! Now if I could just figure out how to use it properly... By the way, you and your daughter look identical!!

-Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

Stuff-n-Such By Lisa said...

Hi Erin!
Thank-you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
I love my Canon Rebel I'm sure you can tell!
I'm lucky that I have my daughter to help me!
Yes, her and I do look a lot alike!
I hope that doesn't embarass her too much! LOL!

Jenn said...

I have been wanting to get me a new camera too! I have no idea what kind to get - I will have to look into a Rebel!

Unknown said...

How fun! I hope you get a lot a good shots with it!

Janyaa said...

How exciting to get a new camera!

Congratulations on your daughter's graduation. Maybe she could show you a few of the more technical manual settings. Then you can both go on photo shoots together!

Anonymous said...

Yay! New camera! And congrats on your daughters graduation!!! Thanks for linking up with us at Photog Show and Tell!