Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Grandson Layout

We have been so very blessed this year!

Earlier this year I posted about the arrival of our two newest Grand Babies and I posted the first layout I did for our Granddaughter "C" who was born in March and I have been working on a layout for our Grandson "A" who arrived one month later in April and I'm proud to say I finally got it done, despite all of the other projects I've been working on lately (crafty & non-crafty!).

It's a bit late, seeing that he was born in the spring!

I'm not too good on keeping up with my Scrapbooking...I haven't even finished scrapbooks for my children, who are all grown now!

I love to do it, it's just I am so darn particular about planning the layout that it takes me forever to actually get it done on paper.
(I am a tad bit OCD...just ask my Kids!) :)

Here is the layout:

I used a new tool for the first time, the sew easy piercing tool.

It was pretty cool and reminded me of those "lacing" cards I had when I was a very small child.
I know I am dating myself here...most of my young readers will probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

I don't think they make them anymore, at least I haven't seen any in a long time!

Okay, I stand corrected...I just checked eBay and there are LOTS of sewing cards on there, newer ones and old vintage ones like this one:

Anyway...I am getting sidetracked here I know...but doing that little bit of sewing/lacing on this layout really did bring back that memory, so I just had to mention it!

I kept this layout fairly simple, because the paper itself was so darn cute and of course the subject (My Awesome Grandson!) was so cute that the page really didn't need a lot of embellishment.

The paper is from atd/Momenta and the pad didn't really have a descriptive name, it just says "Super Paper Pad" and has a number on the back tag #PA2327, 
so I'm going to include a picture of the pad in case anyone wants to try and find it.

I purchased it at Ross, which is a discounter, so I'm thinking this particular pad might not even be around anymore, but I did check the Momenta website and there is a similar set/pad called:


It appears to have some of the same pages in it that my pad does, but there is less pages in the Pad (48 vs. the 90 that was in mine), and does not show the exact page that I used for this layout.

Here is a picture of the pad I purchased at Ross:

After I cut out the font/lettering with my Cricut Expression, I decided it needed a little more "oomph" so I  inked the edges of the letters with Azure Blue Ink to give the font some depth.

It was a little tricky on the inside of the letters, so I used the Loew Cornell Sponge-it Sticks to get the ink in the tiny areas.

Here are the tools/supplies I used to create this layout:


Cricut Expression Machine
Scotch ATG Tape Gun
Ad tech Permanent Bond Glue Runner
Sew Easy Piercer Tool
Loew Cornell Sponge-it Sticks
Cricut Cartridge "Boys will be Boys" (Block Font, 1-1/2")
12 x 12 Paper by atd/Momenta (Super Paper Pad - Pictured Above)
7-1/2" x 5-1/2" Piece of Brick Red Scrap Paper from Stash (Photo Backing/Frame)
Light Blue Cardstock, from Stash (For Font)
Sew Easy Fancy Floss, Sunrise,Variegated
Recollections Foam Adhesive Squares, 1/4" 
Memories Direct Mini Stamp Pad, Azure (Blue)

It's good to be back to posting more often and I promise I'll try to do it even more now that summer is over and the cozy stay-inside weather is coming around!

Keep coming back to visit, I will be having some awesome giveaways soon!!


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