Thursday, March 3, 2011

A New Card & Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend Melissa

Whew! Finished another card...took me awhile, but I was a little bit faster this time, so I'm hoping with each additional one I will get faster!

Hubby was getting tickled that at 4:00 am this morning I was still working on it.

He probably wonders why I don't just go and buy one...but he knows how much I love to "create", so I'm sure he's figured out my insanity!

This card is a special one because I made it for my dear friend Melissa who's Birthday is today.

Happy Birthday Melissa!

Thank-you for being such a good friend to me and always being there when I needed someone.
You're awesome!

This card was supposed to be finished yesterday, so that I could mail it to her (she lives about an hour away from me) or take it to her, usual, I struggled over all the little details and it took me longer than expected.

So, my blog followers will see it before the recipient...though I think I will e-mail her a link to my blog so she can see it on her Birthday!

Here it is:

Here is a picture of the items I used to make this card:


Cricut Imagine
Cricut Cartridge: Kate's ABC's
K & Company Blank Cards & Envelopes, White
DCWV Adhesive Paper Prints Stack, 6"x6" (#MS-012-00003)
Studio 112 Clear Mini-Stamp (#60-30437)
Studio G i-clear Clear Acrylic Stamp Block (#VC0028)
Black Stamp Pad, Mini (Unknown Brand)
Sanford Color Pencils
Small Metal Flower Brads (Unknown Brand, but I think I got them at Target)
Wrights Baby Rick-Rack, White, 3.70m
Zip Dry Paper Glue
Kokuyo Dot 'n' Roller Adhesive, 1/3"
Zots 3-D Clear Adhesive Dots, 1/2" dia. x 1/8" thick


I used a pre-made, white, blank card from K & Company and placed a 4 x 6 piece of patterned adhesive paper on the front.

I glued down a piece of rick-rack on the bottom edge of the front of the card.

I cut-out the teacup on page 35 of the Kate's ABC's cartridge, using my Imagine and colored cardstock.

For the sentiment background on the front of the card I cut out the square shape with rounded corners (included on the Imagine machine) at 3.0" and a smaller one at 2.8", using textured white cardstock and used the color printer feature of the Imagine to color these squares just to make things a bit faster.

The sentiment was something I just came up with, because thinking of my friend Melissa reminded me of a time when we went and had coffee together when I needed a shoulder to cry on and she was there for me!

I printed the sentiment in Microsoft Word using the Catholic Schoolgirls Intl. BB Font.

I first printed the sentiment on plain printer paper in my Lexmark X4975 Printer, then lined it up with the cut out sheet I had left over from cutting out the square shapes.

When I had it lined up properly, I put a piece of white cardstock on my Cricut mat and printed the two squares in color, but did not cut them yet.

Then I placed that same piece of cardstock in my printer and printed the sentiment onto the square, placed it back into the Imagine and then cut it out. 

This took a little trial and error before I got it just right, but I didn't have to waste any good card stock to do it, just a few sheets of cheap printer paper!

This may sound a bit confusing, but what I did basically was cut out two sets of the squares, one to act as a "template" to set-up the sentiment in MS Word and one that was actually used for the card.

Does that make sense?

It would be better if I did a video for this, but I know many other Cricut-teers out there in YouTube land have done videos explaining this, so I didn't want to be too repetitive.

I will try to find one that explains this and link it's basically a way to make any Cricut machine perform like an imagine. 

I added one final piece of  "bling" (which I agonized for hours over whether I should or not!) to the corner of the sentiment...a metal flower brad.

Okay, for the Inside of the card I used some very cute stamps from Joy's Life to stamp the sentiment and a mini-stamp from Studio 112 of two girls drinking coffee for the corner accent.

I decided to color the stamp to give the inside of the card a pop of seemed a bit bland without some color.

Hope you liked the card and thanks for stopping by!

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Unknown said...

You're card is so great! I know your friend Melissa enjoyed it. Thank you for sending me a link so I could look at your great card!