Friday, December 16, 2011

Sparkle-y Christmas Ornaments!

What would the Holiday's be like without a new ornament or two!

I've always loved making ornaments since I was a young child and after seeing a clever idea on Pinterest for making some awesome glitter ornaments I was determined to make some with my precious Granddaughter B!

As I mentioned, I found this on Pinterest and the "Pin" led to the blog Everyday Cricut.

Here is the link to the tutorial which includes a good video.

You can also access the video directly from YouTube here.

In the video it shows them using some vinyl letters cut from the cricut machine, but as you will notice, we chose not to use the cricut this time, we just wrote the names and year on the ornaments using a Krylon Gold Leafing Pen.

Here is a picture of some of the supplies we used for this project:

(Sorry about the sloppy composition of the photograph...I had planned on taking a more organized photo at the end, when I knew all the supplies and tools that we used, but I forgot, so I was left with this mess!)

I also forgot to include the plastic wrap in the photo, but the video and tutorial at Everyday Cricut shows everything you will need.

These ornaments were easy to make and came out so pretty!

Even my 4 year old Granddaughter was able to perform most of the steps with just a little help from Grandma!

She picked out all the colors for her cousins and her Mom, Dad & Sister and the ribbon accents also.

She has really become my crafty little clone lately and we have so much fun!

Here are some photos of her doing some of the steps:

(NOTE: Be sure to follow the video referenced above for specific instructions, because I didn't get all the steps photographed here.)

Sweet Little B was mighty proud of the final product!

Grandma added a few final touches (the bows) which were a bit too tedious for tiny hands:

We experimented a little with the glitter, as the tutorial called for fine glitter, but just for kicks I made one ornament using regular coarse type glitter that is used for school projects and such, just to see if it would look okay and here are the results:

It still looked pretty and shiny, and really...from far away on the tree, you can't even tell the difference!

Just something to remember if you are on a budget, because the coarse glitter was much cheaper than the fine glitter, (at least cheaper than the kind that is used for scrapbooking and card projects).

I did find a multi-pack of fine glitter at Michaels (Creatology Brand) that wasn't too pricey, but the amount you get of each color was so small, you wouldn't be able to do many ornaments with it. 

Here are a few handy tips that I learned along the way while doing this project:

1. Go easy and slow pouring in the floor solution into the balls and don't squeeze the bottle, (even though you will be tempted to because of the type bottle it is), because it will go all over the place quickly!

2. If you have small funnels, use them, they are a big help in minimizing the mess, especially if you are working with a young child. (Getting the glitter in that small hole in the ornament is not as easy as it would seem!)

3. Keep a wet/damp rag handy in case some floor solution gets on the outside of the ball, you can wipe it off easily if you do it right away.

4. If you are making the these ornaments with small children, use the plastic balls instead of the glass one's called for in the tutorial, that way if little hands slip, the balls won't break and possibly injure them. (I wasn't sure if the procedure would work the same with plastic, but I tried it anyway and you can't tell the difference.  Four of the one's I made here are plastic and the rest are glass, so you tell me...can you tell which is which??!)

5. Save condiment cups and pizza box toppers (even if your Hubby makes fun of you and calls you a hoarder! LOL!). They REALLY came in handy here with this project. The condiment cups were perfect size to hold the balls while pouring in the floor solution and the pizza box toppers worked great to display the balls for photographing.

6. If you make a mistake on writing the names with the Gold Leaf Pen, don't fret...a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip will erase the mistake and allow you to fix it! (Boy was I relieved to discover that...because I accidentally wrote the wrong name on one of the ornaments and when little B found out, she was a bit upset that I had written someone else's name on the special color ornament she had picked out for cousin "J"! I was frantic at first, because we didn't have any other balls left to decorate, therefore could not re-create the color with her name, I tried scratching it off at first and that was NOT the way to go, so I just thought I would try rubbing alcohol and it worked, yay! Crisis averted! Happy Little B!)

Thank-you for stopping by my blog and I hope you enjoyed the post!


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Anonymous said...

Ooo, they turned out so nice! Love the glitter...fabulous colors :) Your granddaughter is beautiful. Happy holidays to you both! xoxo

Susie Moore said...

This is a great project!

Stuff-n-Such By Lisa said...

Thanks Ladies and thank-you for visiting my blog!

Lauren said...

Love it! We all need a little glitter...especially around Christmas time!

Hilary said...

These are so pretty and seem to simple to make. Thanks for sharing :)